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When planning for learning across the school the teachers use the 2014 National Curriculum as a starting point, ensuring all learning outcomes are covered throughout the children's time in each Key Stage.  Whilst children are within the EYFS, teachers plan from the Development Matters framework. 

English is planned on a long term, medium term and weekly basis.  See below for the long term overview and plans, each teacher's medium term overview can be found on their class page.  

Maths is planned on a medium term basis by each teacher using progressions documents.  The overview can be found on the class pages. Our long term plan is currently being re-written. 

There is a long term overview for Science from which teachers plan at a medium term and weekly basis.  

For each half term there is a focus theme which teachers use as a starting point for planning for the foundation subjects and cross curricular opportunities.  

A long term plan for PE can be located on the PE Funding and School Sport page.  



  1. English - Long Term Plan
  2. EYFS KS1 Curriculum Map
  3. KS2 Foundation Curriculum Plan
  4. Science - Long Term Plan
  5. PE - Long Term Plan 2017-2018
  6. Primary National Curriculum
  7. EYFS Statutory Framework 2017
  8. Development Matters