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When planning for learning across the school the teachers use the 2014 National Curriculum as a starting point, ensuring all learning outcomes are covered throughout the children's time in each Key Stage.  Whilst children are within the EYFS, teachers plan from the Development Matters framework. 

Core subjects are planned for on a long term, medium and weekly basis.  See below for the long term plans.

Each key stage produces a medium term plan, covering all aspects of the curriculum – where possible cross curricular links are made with the overriding theme.  Links to this term’s plans can be found below. 

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum the school is following please speak to the class teacher. 


  1. English - Long Term Plan
  2. KS2 - Maths - Long Term Plan
  3. Science - Long Term Plan
  4. PE - Long Term Plan 2017-2018
  5. Curriculum Long Term Plan - EYFS & KS1
  6. Curriculum Long Term Plan - KS2
  7. EYFS KS1 Curriculum Map
  8. KS2 Foundation Curriculum Plan
  9. EYFS - Medium Term Planning Grid - Polar regions
  10. Autumn 2 2017 - Continuous provision - Polar regions
  11. KS2 Autumn 2 2017 - Medium Term Planning
  12. Autumn 2 2017 - Medium Term Planning
  13. Primary National Curriculum
  14. EYFS Statutory Framework 2017
  15. Development Matters