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Christian Ethos

Our school's foundations are strongly rooted in our Christian Ethos. Our daily act of worship promotes the spiritual growth and well being of our children through reflecting on and responding to the themes discussed. Over the years we have valued the close links we have formed with our local church. We welcome visitors from the local church community. We make frequent visits to Ely Cathedral and our school is a part of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust.

Our acts of collective worship follow the church calendar celebrating the Christian festivals throughout the year. Children are encouraged to contribute to these occasions. Parents do have the right to be able to withdraw their child/children from collective worship. If you wish to do so please contact our lead for collective worship: Mrs Waterson.

As a Church School, it is important to us all that we maintain our Christian ethos and our school prayer echoes the values of the school. 

School Prayer  
Father God, 
At Holy Cross we ask that you, 
Look after us the whole day through.  
Give us the skills to respect each other,  
And share our aspirations with one another.  
Support us as we rise to the challenges we face, 
And give us opportunities to succeed with grace. 

Holy Cross Church of England Primary School is a church school, we are a village school in service to a community here for each and every family, and as such it is important to us to display and maintain our Christian distinctiveness.  However, it is not a faith school, and children of all faiths and no faith can attend the school.  Our ethos incorporates many of the Christian values and these run through all that we do in school.